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Robin is available for Lessons, Workshops and Clinics, Levels 1-4 in all 4 Savvies. Currently she travels around Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Iowa and is ready to come to your area to help you improve your horsemanship.  


Private lessons: 1 student

          $75/hour for savvy club members 

          $85/hour for non-savvy club members. 


Private lessons: 2 students

          $60/hour/person for savvy club members 

          $70/hour/person for non-savvy club members. 


Workshops: 3-10 students, topic specific

          $100/3 hour session/person for savvy club members

          $120/3 hour session/person for non-savvy club members

Clinics: 3-10 students, 2-4 days, level specific

          $150/day/person for savvy club members

          $175/day /person for non-savvy club members

Travel Fee:

A travel fee will be added for extended travel time at the rate of $0.50/mile round trip or cost of airfare. If an overnight stay is required, the students will need to cover those costs as well or provide lodging.

** If you are interested in hosting/organizing to have Robin come to your area, contact Robin to discuss options and benefits at

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