What is Parelli?

The #1 Horsemanship Program in the World

If you truly love horses and have an interest in natural horse training, you’ll love the Parelli method of Natural Horsemanship - a holistic approach to natural horse training based on developing a natural relationship with your horse through understanding his/her nature and understanding the world from the horse's point of view.

Founded by lifelong horseman and teacher Pat Parelli, the Parelli Program combines common sense psychology and communication. Unlike many training programs, the Parelli method teaches the human, not the horse. Early on, Pat realized that horses already had all the skills they needed to thrive and relate with their kind. It was adding the human element that complicated things.

The Parelli method of natural horsemanship enables horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve:

Success without force

Partnership without dominance

Teamwork without fear

Willingness without intimidation

Harmony without coercion


The Parelli Horse Training program teaches “horse savvy” through four fundamental sets of knowledge and skills they call the “Four Savvys”:

Savvy #1:  On Line - Not to be confused with over the internet, this means you and your horse learning together via a halter and lead rope.

Savvy #2:  Liberty – This phase of learning is about you and your horse getting comfortable with the horse “at liberty” or off the line.

Savvy #3:  FreeStyle – Riding with loose reins helps horses become more responsible, self-controlled, confident and relaxed. 

Savvy #4:  Finesse – Riding with Finesse is one of the most challenging things to do well. The Finesse Savvy will help your horse know what to do while you gently develop more precision, maneuvers and collection.

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